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Motto: "Knowledge Brings Fear".
Futurama (Mars University slogan)

Data and Information Quality

In Data and Information Quality area I'm focused especially on these topics:

Results of my research are published on dataquality.cz ext portal in "research" section. Key results of my research are summarized as CADAQUES methodology.

CADAQUES Methodology

Customer Relationship Management

In Customer Relationship Management area I'm focused especially on the design of operational CRM applications and integration of Knowledge Management in CRM. As the result of my research I developed CRM ASP (Application as a Service) system consisting from these modules:

Knowledge Management

In Knowledge Management area I'm focused especially on these topics:


Identification of relations (generally mentioned as a Householding) is the area highly connected to CRM. In a lot of practical scenarios it is necessary to identify not just unique client but also group of subjects forming customer's family, relations of subjects to corporations or so called word-of-mouth references.

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Research areas

Data Quality CZ Portal

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